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Strengthen Your Nervous System With Neuro Reset

What is the Neuro Reset Technique?

First and foremost the aim is not to treat pain.  It is however to improve the function of the nervous system.  Why is that important?

Simply, the nervous system controls everything!

By improving the function of your nervous system you release tension discomfort in your body.  Tightness, you see, is not the enemy.  Yet how many times have you tried stretching, foam rolling and having massage to release tension issues?

So if tension isn't the issue...

Well, tension is simply the body's best job at keeping you functioning in that given moment with the limitations it is working with.

If you can increase your control over your muscles and joints then you have much better function.  Let me give you an example:

Your nervous system is like a map.  If you have the map of your current location, you can navigate to anywhere on that map quite easily.  However if I blind folded you and took you miles outside of the area I gave you the map for, it becomes useless and you would find it much more difficult to get to a specific location.  Well, you nervous system does the same.  Once your joints and muscles are in positions that the nervous system has poor or no information for, you begin to compensate.  These compensations lead to increased tension, simply to keep you on your current map, so you don't get "lost".

Neuro Reset Technique aims to increase the size and usability of your maps and in doing so you will experience increased recruitment, increased function and decreased pain.